Private tour with guide for two people at the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Church

Private tour with guide for two people at the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Church

399/2 people 86/ adult extra 81/child extra Guide

Tour description

This tour is a private guided tour for two people at the Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel and the Church of St. Peter. Admire the Sistine Chapel and enjoy the unlimited attention of your guide in a completely customizable tour. You will avoid the rows with one of our 5-star friendly guides who will be at your disposal throughout this stress-free tour. Personalize your trip to perfection! Our experience in V.I.P. invites you to admire Michelangelo's crowning achievements by giving you the opportunity to adapt perfectly to you and to your Vatican private partner. If you choose the option to be taken with our private driver directly from the hotel, you do not even have to worry how you find us: we come to you! If you are a larger family you will pay in addition: * 86 euros for each adult; * 81 euros for each person under 18 years of age.

What you will see

Pine Cone Court - a fascinating interior courtyard whose name originates in bronze sculpture in the shape of a pine cone. Apollo Belvedere with its height over 7 meters for a while was seen as an eloquent example of the aesthetic perfection of neoclassicals of the nineteenth century. Laocon and his sons, a marble sculpture of much mystery in which the three are represented almost in natural size during an attack by the giant snakes of the sea. Raffaello's chambers where the artist has been working for over 16 years to create frescoes that we can admire for so many years. You will walk in the chronological order of the 4 rooms: Hall of the Costantino, Stanza di Eliodoro, Stanza della Signatura and the last one, although finished by his students because of the artist's sudden death, was nevertheless attributed to Raffaello. The Belvedere trunk - many can question the importance of a simple bust - a sculpture without arms, legs or face, without which, however, the Sistine Chapel would no longer be the Sistine Chapel. The ancient statue dates back to the sec. He came to Rome in the 1400s. During his reign, Pope Julius II called Michelangelo to "repair" the sculpture, to recreate the arms of the missing limbs. The artist refused because he thought the torso was perfect. So perfect that he studied the statue for years and used it as a model for many characters represented in the Sistine Chapel, including Christ in the Last Judgment. The round room with the complicated mosaics of the 19th century. The third is the decorative red porcelain bathroom of Nero. A Hercule bronze statue looks at you as you look up to the ceiling of the dome that was modeled after that of the Pantheon. The Greek Cross Hall with Egyptian-style statues, mosaic of the fourth century and two large Egyptian red porphyry sarcofages. The Candelabra Gallery opens the way through a collection of marble statues. The resistant candlesticks that link this corridor were a privilege of the rich in ancient Rome, while the poor used oil lamps for illumination. 19th-century floors, decorated with perfectly symmetrical patterns of colorful marble, surround a hyper-realistic mosaic of the II century, highlighting the skills and craftsmanship of stone workers in Rome throughout the centuries. Tapestry Gallery - papers made in wool and silk, designed and woven in Brussels by Raphael's students. Displayed for the first time in 1531, their original purpose was to isolate the chapel during the winter. The Geographic Maps Gallery is one of the most impressive venues in the Vatican Museums with the various golden tones that adorn the corridor. The 40 maps are the regions of Italy and, although without technology at that time (1580-1583), artists have managed to represent the regions with amazing accuracy. The ceiling was painted to present a brief history of the events that took place in each of the regions represented. The Sistine Chapel was drawn from the wish of Pope Julius II who summoned Michelangelo of Rome, asking him to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo, who considers himself a sculptor and not a painter, refuses the work with respect. The warrior's pope was not so called, and finally, Michelangelo was forced to spend the next 4 years of his life rubbing the enormous vault of the Sistine Chapel. But as he broke his fate, the fruits of his work were spectacular, being known as one of the greatest pictorial decorations in all of Western art. St. Peter's Square, with the Egyptian Obelisk in the center and the columns designed by Bernini on both sides, seen from above, offers a symbolic perspective in which its shape reminds of the keyhole. The project refers to the keys written by Jesus Christ to the saint Peter, so nothing was accidental. Every week, tourists from all over the world reunite here to listen to the public discourse and receive the blessing of the Pope in person.


The tour includes

- Assistance from the meeting place to the guided meeting - Tickets - Exclusive exclusive entrance to the church of St. Peter - Guide in different languages ​​of your choice - Radio amplifiers and headphones


Expert guide

You will accompany us in a unique experience in the world's most famous museum along with an expert guide who will reveal less known things about the smallest country in the world (Vatican) but one of the most important art collections and one of the most famous chapels, the Sistine Chapel.

To know

* Please print this voucher and hand it to your staff at the beginning of the activity. * The start time of the tour is arranged. * No refund is made in case of no show. * Late ones are not guaranteed entry to the Vatican. Depending on the availability, it is possible to access a tour in another language or another date (to be arranged) * This type of visit is not available on the days when Vatican Museums are closed: any Sunday, January 1 and 6, April 2, May 1, June 29, August 14 and 15, November 1, December 8, 25 and 26.

Meeting point

You are kindly requested to present yourself at the meeting place with our staff in the square in front of the Vatican Church at the point called Obelisc 15 minutes before the tour begins or for those who wish we can pick up at the hotel for a fee.

Pay attention to the following information

On Wednesday morning and on other days decided by the Vatican (over which we have no control), St. Peter's Church will remain closed. Please contact us if you have any doubts.

Knees and shoulders covered

Please come dressed appropriately, as required to visit places of worship: the knees and shoulders will be covered in women and men. Those who do not follow the rules may be in danger of being denied entry into the Sistine Chapel and the Church of St. Peter. We recommend comfortable footwear.

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