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An experience full of history, art and good mood. I made the best decision when I chose a guide for these days. Mrs. Bujoreanu is a very well-trained and experienced guide, which caused that when our tickets to the Colloseum were canceled on the last day, she determined through seriousness and dedication to find us others, wasting hours in search of them. He led us easily in those times, having vast knowledge of history and art, but also a special enthusiasm that also captured our son who was sipping his every word! We wholeheartedly recommend it and can't wait to return to Rome! Do not hesitate to call on the services of a guide!
Radu Copil
I had a beautiful experience and learned new, interesting things about the visited objectives. I recommend with confidence 👍
Nicusor Androne
Donnatella, our tour guide was superb! She did not hurry us and took time to explain as much as our brains could absorb.
Roxanne Bornilla
A special guide that, in addition to historical data, comes with a personal interpretation that opens doors you didn't know existed. I recommend with love!
Tatiana Nedelcu
I had a day with a great emotional load with a lot of information about ancient Rome! An entire encyclopedia, our guide Mr. Ovidiu! Thanks for the history lesson! I recommend from the bottom of my heart!
Lucia Daniela Cirlan
We had a wonderful experience with our guide, Mr. Ovidiu during our vacation in Italy! With you, we visited St. Peter's Square and Cathedral, the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, and all the information we received made us enjoy the beauty and history of these wonderful places to the fullest. If you are going to Rome for the first time, it would be worth having a guide like Mr. Ovidiu to present you the stories and history of these extraordinary places. We were also extremely delighted by the fact that Mrs. Iuliana, although she had no more seats available, helped us find a guide to visit the Vatican Museum. It was an unforgettable experience and we recommend Mr. Ovidiu and Mrs. Iuliana to accompany you on this wonderful tour.
Cristina Mâcă
We recommend and appreciate the effort made by Mr. Ovidiu Bujoreanu and his wife. It was a fabulous history lesson in Rome and for that we thank you. In the future, we will definitely use your services again. 👍
Diana Cazacu
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