Vatican Gardens, Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel

Vatican Gardens, Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel

90/adult 75/student children under 6 years old not allowed Guide

The tour description

This is a tour accessible to everyone who wants to visit the Vatican Museums with a Romanian guide at a reasonable price. The itinerary will include the Court of the Pine Cone, the Octagonal Court, the Hall of the Muses, the Rotunda Hall, the Gallery of Tapestry, the Gallery of Geographical Maps and, of course, the Sistine Chapel. The visit with short explanations on the subject is specially planned for those who do not want to get lost through the 1400 halls, corridors and galleries. Nota bene: This tour does not skip the security line. The tour is organized with a minimum of 4 people.


This tour includes

- Fast and priority access to the Vatican Museums - Easy access to the Vatican Gardens via a comfortable minibus - Audio guide on the minibus - Authorized English-language guide to the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel.


Expert guide

You will accompany us in a unique experience in the world's most famous museum along with an expert guide who will reveal less known things about the smallest country in the world (Vatican) but one of the most important art collections and one of the most famous chapels, the Sistine Chapel

To know

* Please print this voucher and hand it to your staff at the beginning of your business. * No refund is made in case of no show. * Late ones are not guaranteed entry to the Vatican. Depending on the availability, it is possible to access a tour in another language or another date (to be arranged) * This type of visit is not available on the days when Vatican Museums are closed: any Sunday, January 1 and 6, April 2, May 1, June 29, August 14 and 15, November 1, December 8, 25 and 26.

Meeting point

Please have a look at our meeting room at Obelisc in St. Peter Square 15 minutes before the tour starts or for those who want to take a hotel pick-up at a charge.

Pay attention to the following information

On Wednesday morning and on other days decided by the Vatican (over which we have no control), St. Peter's Church will remain closed. Please contact us if you have any doubts.

Knees and shoulders covered

Please come dressed appropriately, as required to visit places of worship: the knees and shoulders will be covered in women and men. Those who do not follow the rules may be in danger of being denied entry into the Sistine Chapel and the Church of St. Peter. We recommend comfortable footwear.

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The schedule will be agreed according to the availability of entrance tickets


Intrarea în muzeele Vaticanului
Acces cu minibus la grădini
Scara Momo
Curtea Conului de Pin
Capela Sixtină

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